Segregation in Schools, No Longer a Thing of the Past

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On September 25, 2017, Ava DurVernay’s film company, Array,  released the film “TEACH US ALL”  on the 60th Anniversary of school integration.The film came out in a timely manner as the People’s Cafe embarked on its own efforts to address the affects of segregated communities. The director, Sonia Lowman, did a phenomenal job at presenting the history of segregation in schools and looking at where we are today when it comes to public education. The film addresses issues of hyper segregation in Little Rock, New York City, and Los Angeles. Lowman highlights the issues of segregation due to race, income, and language disparities within communities and how they affect educational equity. The film is currently available on Netflix, and Lowman is currently touring around the country for special screenings and dialogue.

This documentary is a great tool to advocate for educational equity. It helps you understand our past as a nation and our trajectory and the importance of public education in America. If you are an educator, I would recommend showing this film to your students, fellow teachers, and parents.


Learn ways you can be involved with the school integration and education equity movement as a student, parent, educator, or organization HERE.


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